kato age two

Kato Walk - Bin Day

We came out of the house just as the bin lorry appeared. The Bin Men SWAT team leapt

out and surrounded my neat row of bins.

“Not walking past scary men” said Kato turning to go back inside just as I shut the door and she bashed into it.

“SHE’S PUT TINS IN THE BURNABLE” barked Kato loudly

“I have not!” I hissed at Kato and tried to remember if I had in fact made a Bin Faux Pas.

The Bin Men efficiently flicked open each lid and scanned the top layer. This usually takes a nanosecond per bin. One of the Bin Men hesitated on Grey Bin. I swallowed. The only thing worse than getting a sticker of shame for bin maladministration would be being there and getting it in person, especially as the traffic had stopped. The packed No 6 bus was watching the Bin Men SWAT team scan my bins with their infra red laser eyes. The moment of hesitation seemed to last an eternity. Finally they pirouetted my bin to the truck.

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Or in our case 'is it a black bin, a blue bin or a blue and brown bin week'. We only get bottles and tins collected every four weeks and I am very glad we don't drink as much as we did when we were young.
They're stopping those small food scrap bins round here, not that we ever used ours, if it doesn't go in the dog or the compost, then it gets sneaked into burnable. I'm glad as Walking dogs past those silly little things is difficult, both can get the lids up easily.