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Kato Walk - Taking Out Bins

On pre-bin day, I put the bins out after Kato walk. This sometimes means our bins are out on the pavement a little early contravening Galactic Bin Laws but we’re mavericks and that’s how we roll. We’re not the full on rebellious uprising like the hipsters next door who never take their bins in, like ever. Putting out the bins is a tangle of me holding Kato lead and wrestling various wheelie bins through our rickety gate.

“You could” suggested Kato “Use my Sit-Stay command, and then, use both hands to manoeuvre the bins, preferable to you smashing into the gate post whilst choking me”

“How am I choking you? You’re not on a neck collar” I muttered

“Winding me then you clumsy pedant”

“I don’t know Kato, it’s a busy road, and your sit stays are a bit...”

“A bit what?!”

“A bit lacking, the sit goes well but then the stay bit seems to evade you...anyway, it’s done now, come on...Kato...come...KATO...yes, it’s a fabulous stay...FFS...come on....how do you make yourself so heavy...un-stay now...yes, you’ve proved your point...”

We have an 'un stay' command its.. 'mmm sweeties' we use it for general recall as well, pointers can be a bit selective....