kato age two

Kato Walk - Politics

“The other three candidates for the Labour leadership look like management styled career politicians who just spout glossy PR bollocks” said Kato “Shouldn’t make sweeping generalisations but we need a severe push to the left to get back to a compassionate society and the other three just look too damn posh in that well meaning but clueless way”

“You know for a talking dog, the fool to my King Lear, my sock puppet, the voice of my conscience, my superego, the manifestation of my projected psychology, you have some pretty unsettling views Kato”

“It’s not my fault you’re a communist”

“I am not a communist!!”

“Can I sing the Red Flag?”


“Because you don’t know the words”

“I do actually, but I draw the line at a singing inner voice”


The People's Flag is deepest red... It shrouded oft our martyred dead”

“F off Kato”