kato me

Crisps for Kato

Post walk, I sat down on the back doorstep and opened my crisps

“Those look crispy” said Kato sitting next to me.

“Walkers crisps for People who have walked” I said

“Smell nice” she said sniffing the air

“Get lost” I said “You’ve had breakfast”

I felt her weight leaning on me.


I felt the gentlest of wet noses on my ear.

“I’m not giving in, I’m thinking of a brick wall” I munched

Kato rummaged in my hair with her nose. I stopped crunching and looked at her. The brick wall in my thoughts now had a doorway in it with a sign marked “Crisps for Kato”

“A very well-built seven foot high brick wall” I said and mentally locked the door. She rested her chin on my shoulder

“Don’t meet her eyes, think of a brick wall” I said aloud.               

Kato had found a crumbly, cracking area of my mental wall. I quickly re-pointed the wall. She nuzzled my neck and gave me the tenderest, sweetest lick of my chin and made a slight sighing noise only audible to gullible human ears. Distracted by having to re-point my mental wall I was too late to notice Kato had found the key to the mental wall door under a brick marked “soft spot”

Kato took the crisp so gently from my fingers.

“Try concrete next time” she said skipping off up the garden