kato age two

Animal Experiments Test One

A colleague at hattys work has a dog inteligence test book - just a bit of harmless fun no doubt. How hard can it be?

Test One
Scientist - hatty
Location - the Lab
Time - 16.58 local time
Subjects - Dogs A, J and L

Method: Place a tea towel over the head of the (awake) dog. How long does it take your dog to remove it, and how?

(What sort of cheapskate test is this with no fags, booze or class A?)

Dog A - completly evades the tea towel even being placed on her head. Dog A is scowling at the tea towel.
Dog J - wears the tea towel for 3.5 seconds - with a deft head shake the tea towel is swiftly removed. Dog J runs away from tea towel situation.
Dog L - 17-07 and counting..........

Oh, and hattys BP is 160/110, probably going to explode soon....messy.

17-11 - OK Dog L you have made your point......come on take the towel off.....
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am very interested to see the tests which do involve fags, booze and class As. a dog that can snort a line of coke immediately after doing tequila slammers while smoking a fag is a *very* clever dog.