kato paw

The Long Paw of the Law

As we rounded Corner Three on Kato Walk we stumbled upon a typical urban scene. The Feds were apprehending a young woman. From what we could hear the young woman had forgotten to pay for her shopping.

“Well” tutted Kato “The Bizzies are doing that search wrong! Are they blind?”

Following her line of sight I spotted the open packet of crisps on the wall behind the kafuffle.

“You don’t want stolen crisps” I said to Kato

“Stolen!!” she gasped “That is so my favourite flavour”

Kato lurched towards the crisp area. There was a policeman between us and crisps. I realised this could look bad in a Dangerous Dogs Act type of way.

“Kato” I said “Don’t lurch at the officer”

“Stolen crisps” she repeated “I can take him easy”

“Nooo” I said “Now heel”

“I could have had him” she muttered as we continued on our walk

“You shouldn’t threaten police officers”

“It’s on my bucket list” Kato said

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I think the BBC3 Mongrels series got there first when they created the character of Destiny who shares personality traits with Kato.

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Barnum once landed on a CID Lady detectives head and stole her hair bobble...she asked for it really....
Well when we lived in Yardley there had been a fatal stabbing up the road to about a month later the CID finger on the pulse of crime turned up to see if we had seen anything that we could remember from a month previous.....we shut Barnum in the back garden from where he proceeded to bounce up and down to see in the kitchen window...'oh let him in she cried' ..'oh no best not' we replied....'but Im used to big dogs it will be fine'....'hes not really normal best leave him outs side' we said beginning to think you are asking for it lady....'oh let him' she whined.... so fine... Joe opened the back door and in a single bound Barnum leaped through the door onto the back of her neck....he ripped her bobble out...got her handbag and shook it all over the room.. dragged her off the sofa onto the floor...wagging all the time....so I calmly stood up and said' out' and he trotted out the back...I then picked the CID lady up off the floor and out the front door....
She's good, there is some discomfort and grizzling but not for long. The Ranitidine seems to settle her mid-day grass eating and she's not as ravenous as she was a few weeks ago. She's even been doing a few miles with Glyn. Still got the piddly-pants problem and some hot splatty poos but nothing that's causing her too much discomfort.