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Person of Interest

I went to visit Rainbowskye for a long overdue catch-up, talk about cake and meet the Rabbits. On my return home I was a “Person of Interest” helping DCI Kato and DS Frodi with their enquiries. Both inhaled me as if I was the last residue of a cocaine wrap. They stood back and blinked, then inhaled again.

DCI Kato brain processor was hovering between Potential Food Item and Alien. DS Frodi was conducting a forensic analysis of my right sleeve. The scent of Bunny tapped some repressed memory stored in his genetic code. Frodi had the strangest instinct to fry onions till golden, add carrot, celery, thyme, rosemary, season to taste and simmer in a...

“E.T.” said Kato confidently having gone through her entire object identification files twice.

I was released without charge.