frodi resting

Alien (Chicken Cut)

Feathers strewn all over our garden and strange noises emanating from the internal workings of Frodi. The three of us were sat on the back door step staring down at boy-dogs tummy. I half expected an Avian-Collie Alien to burst out.  Frodi had hiccups and shook his ears after every hic.

I doubt that Canine (in)Security Inc. (tm) have actually caught anything. Probably Mr Fox leaving a reminder that he is Bear Grylls and Mr & Mrs Overly Domesticated can catch nothing more challenging than a Sleepy Bee. Next door but nine have 80 (according to Dave-the-Shop) hens in their back yard. Well, 79 now.
Frodi reaps the benefits of foxy neighbours...on the other hand, do your neighbours have adequate shelter for their hens (stupid question time!)
Beware the (rear end) friends cat once bought her home and oven ready chicken... no one knows whos table he stole it from