frodi curious

Border Collies and the Bees

Frodi was lying on his side batting something with his front paw.

“What’s that you’ve got Frodi?” I asked

“A very small squeaky toy” said Frodi “I’m sure these were bigger when I was a pup”

“Bzzz” said the very small squeaky toy

“Oh Frodi! Poor Bee” I said “Let me get a glass, post card, gardening gloves and veil”
Frodi was now lying nose-to-nose with the bee. I carefully captured the Bee . We released him amongst the raspberry bushes which are just starting to flower.

“That’s amazing” said Kato

“Should have been a bee keeper ?” I said hanging my bee-proof jacket back up and taking off my wellies.

“People still send postcards!!”

Last year we had hardly any bees. I took to trying to lure them from the bottom of the garden and show them the lovely pollen-fest that awaited them on my skanky tomato plants. This year we have loads. I think they like the netted raspberry bushes, holes big enough for Bees to get through but not Birds or Border Collies. I’ve even put a few brightly coloured pansies around leading to the vegetable patch.

What you need is all of that borage we carefully eliminated so it wouldn't attract bees so that Abe wouldn't get stung!
I grew some white Borage from seed... last year I have one manky plant, this year its taking over the whole garden
I planted some 'allegedly' bee-attracting flower seeds - but the buggers don't seem to have taken, or else the birds have nicked them. They've probably pooed them in somebody else's garden, which is now full of flowers and bees....damn 'em!