Kato Walk - Might Have Seen Star Wars

We were trotting along, I was carrying a bag of Kato finest poo. Tooled up as I think of it. Don’t mess with us I’m armed. I usually discard the poo bag in the Bus Stop Poo Bin.

We stopped.

Bus Stop Poo Bin was missing. Like a stolen painting, there was just the outline of where the Poo Bin used to rest.

“Missing is the Bin!!” I exclaimed to Kato

“Ha ha – you’ve turned into Yoda” said Kato

“That makes you an e-wok then” I retorted

“Have you even seen that film?” asked Kato

Kato has a point. I don’t know if I’ve seen it or not. My memory says I saw it in a cinema the year of release. I seem to know the story - boy rescues princess in space.

“Yeah. I’ve seen it. I think” I said “Maybe it’s an implanted memory and I’m a replicant”

“That’s Bladerunner” tutted Kato

Anyway, I am going to write a stern e-mail to the Jedi Council to report the missing Poo Bin.