kato age two

Kato Walk - The Piano

A couple of months ago there was a trepidation of infants outside the primary school. They appeared safely kettled in by adults, but we decided to cut through the church grounds. It's not an attractive church, some red brick 80s thing, no gravestones or spire.  I’ve never worked out if the short cut is a right of way so we pootled at speed. Then we stopped, there outside the main double doors to the church was a modern looking upright piano.

Kato and I walked up to the piano. I lifted up the lid to reveal the keys, flexed my fingers, rested my finger tips on the ivories took a deep breath in and prepared to play with one finger the riff from Smoke on the Water.

E G A,

E G bendy A , A

I was now at Wembley stadium about to wow a crowd of zillions. Floodlights would go up on Bendy A and start an amazing laser show. But then the bass player fidgeted and did a wee. So we went home.

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Bass players are like that.

Also I like "a trepidation of infants" - it has made me smile.