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Today Kato showed acute signs of underlying un-wellness. She spent an age in the pouring rain, grass eating so she must have been feeling colicky / gastric. I reached for the lead to take her for a walk but she stumbled and cannot put her front left down. Checked for thorns, wonder if she has twisted it or as the vet warned it’s a sudden problem due to the underlying cancer.

Kato is one heavy dog but I have managed to get her outside twice and heave her on and off the sofa. Increased her pain relief and tomorrow we go to the vet to ask for something for the colicky pain she seems to get. And also to have the conversation – that we may, when the time comes, need to have it done at home. Hippys MS is noticeable now and his symptoms increase when he is stressed. Driving, getting her in the car, carrying her in, I’m not sure we will be able to. But then I suddenly found immense strength when I needed it for Java, and for picking Kato up today

She’s now tucked up in her softest basket with layers underneath to soak up the seeping wee as she couldn’t adopt the position when we were outside and just wanted to come back indoors. She’s eating, alert and enjoying cuddles. I don’t think she will try to get upstairs but I’m staying up late just in case.

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I hope she feels better soon.... its the worst part we lost both of ours last May one after the other and we are still not over it....and Im not sure we ever will be.....
Both in the same month must have been dreadful. Hugs.

Are you dogless now and if so, do you think you will remain that way?

We are dogless now its just been 12 months.....still not ready....and we are having some building work done soon I hope....(we were hoping to move but the house didn't sell) so we will see what next year brings
I hope this is just a blip or even a bug. Jake and thorn have both had frantic bouts of grass eating with accompanied lip-licking in the last week.
All the best to you and to her.

That's the thing with underlying stuff, you never know whether it's that or something more routine. I hate that. Hope the vet can help.
Happy to provide a taxi / dog moving service if needed.
Thanks, that really means a lot to us. The vet said that they can probably come here. She's perked up today so hopefully this has been a blip.