kato age two

Kato Be Like... Bubblewrap

Kato is moulting and has turned into a canine game of jack straws. She looks rusty with moulty tufts just asking to be removed. Kato dislikes being brushed anywhere but her chest. Frodi snatches the brush and flings it. Kato just leans awkwardly against a wall to make brushing impossible.

Kato was tucking into her dinner (Butchers Country Stew on a cheeky divan of chicken & rice Chappie complete). I was making hippies dinner (stuff), I espied Kato’s tawny loose looking tufts...I sidled...if I’m really gentle... I sidled a little closer...I gripped the taunting tuft between thumb and forefinger...

“Off” said Kato “Rude to epilate me while I’m dining”

Kato was on dessert (a rich crunchy Carrot de la Tesco) when hippy was on his 3rd tuft...like diffusing a bomb...the tension in the air

“FFS!” abbreviated Kato crossly, thwarting hippies valiant attempt to score a Five Tufter.

Later, I scored a perfect ten verified by the adjudicator Mr Miele Vacuum and it still counts even if the Canine Pick-Up-Sticks Game is asleep.

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With Jake it depends on the brush, use the metal side of a standard dog brush and he loves it, he'll stand for you to brush him, though he goes all gooey so eventually he will lie down and let you go on brushing for ages. Use a slicker and he insists on a treat every time the slicker is full, even then he'll get fed up and move away before you've done half of him.
Dog brushes mysteriously disappear. Somewhere there is a stash of socks, bra's, cutlery and dog brushes.
Ooh, not heard of those - wonder if it's the same as the slicker sheff-dogs mentions above. I've ordered one anyway, but it will probably get thrown in the pond or buried somewhere.
I think they come in varying degrees of hairiness coping...from smooth coated dogs up to Old English Sheepdog grade
I found the furminator really good on Topaz.