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Kato Walk - Art and Unexpected Obedience

In the middle of the pavement was a salmon pink velour armchair. We sidled up to it. Kato sniffed it. I touched it. It was on castors.

“Dare you” said Kato

“You first” I said quietly looking around to check we weren’t being watched. “Go on, on there”

I considered whether I should sit down with my canine companion beside me whilst I read a newspaper. An arty tribute to those old birthday cards bought for Grannies depicting a peaceful looking old lady sat reading a newspaper with a cat on her lap. If only we had a standard lamp and I was wearing a sensible cardigan and slippers.

“Not allowed on the furniture” said Kato interrupting my artistic thoughts

“Well today you are” I said “Wait a minute! You’ve spent the last 10 years sitting on the... when have you not sat on the furniture Kato?”

“Man’s looking” said Kato scratching her ear with her back paw.

There was a man in the window of a near house looking at us. I smiled at him and tugged firmly at Kato’s lead to give the impression the armchair inspection was the dogs fault.

“She’s not allowed on the furniture” I said with a grin

“You just said”


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