kato age two

Kato Walk - Game of No Halves

There was a football sat in the middle of the field.

“Look at this! Footy-ball!” I said in the mischievous voice that the dogs always give a weary look of "oh no now what" to.

Kato looked interested for about 0.001 seconds. I kicked it and dropped the lead. “Go fetch, fetch the ball” I said playfully and jumped about a bit. Kato ignored me and headed off towards a pile of discarded beer cans. I kicked the ball at Kato who neatly side stepped it. It soared past her into the long rough grass.

“But dogs love footballs”

“Who tells you this shit?” asked Kato

“Play by myself then” I shouted over to Kato  “My Ball now”

“You should probably give it that weeping child” said Kato who was pawing through beer cans. I looked over to where Kato was looking and there was indeed a child and mother looking at me.

I delicately made my way through the rough grass and got the ball, I kicked it towards the child. They looked puzzled and walked off without the ball.

“Well that was embarrassing” said Kato who had reappeared at my side “Best get you back on the lead”

“Yeah” I agreed and picked up the lead