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Kato Vet

Hippy and I have become hopeless at remembering things. I think it’s the routine-ness of life as we have less unusual events to hang time off. I ought to write here more often.

Kato went to the vets yesterday to collect her prescription. She continues to be cheerful, playful and well. She does get uncomfortable as her (massive) dose of anti-histamines becomes due. Kato is also really hungry although still draws the line at anything that falls under "salad". Her weight remains at a steady 35kg. We’re going to try reducing her painkillers as she doesn’t seem in pain at the moment.

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well i have been so sorry to hear about kato :-( been thinking what to say for a while but am rubbish at doing emotional writing so biting the bullet now. i'd have written privately but lost your email addy a few days after you last gave it to me, when S. moved out in a blaze of destruction and chaos. now that i have a dog kind of attached to me, even if he's technically someone else's, i feel even more for you both and for her. may she be blessed with pain free and enjoyable life for as long as possible.

I'm reluctant to type my e-mail address here on LJ but if you find me on FB hatty hemming - can get it to you that way.

Destruction and chaos sounds ouch, hope things are on the up for you now x
Is it possible to split the anti-histamine dose? Give her a squidge from me.