kato smile

Kato Walk - Speed Collies

We often encounter a man walking very briskly with two border collies in front of him on fairly long leads. Kato will bark and pull a bit if she sees them. Usually I put Kato into a sit, stand in her eye-line and let them pass. I’ve always felt a bit grumpy, that it’s us who have to accommodate as Speed Collies whoosh by. But on nearly colliding one day, he managed to give me an apologetic look and said “Cheers” It finally occurred to me itwasn't that he won't stop but he can't without the Speed Collies getting in tangle.

Kato and I were trotting along when the Speed Collies appeared. We were head on, eye contact locked on. With houses one side, a busy road on the other, one team had to either go into a split second reverse or we were crashing. We were now in the Canine Hadron Collider on course for impact. There was no way we could pass on the pavement without coming within spitting distance.

May Day. May Day. This is Not a Drill.

Meep Meep, said the collies, followed by Meep Meep Ouch, as their Controller deftly handbrake- turned 90 degrees between two parked cars. I put Kato into 5th and accelerated, slight jolt as Kato took awhile to change gear from amble to sprint. Checking the rear view, Speed Collies were whooshing away warp factor ten.

“Didn’t even indicate” grumbled Kato who was struggling to keep up as she tried to work out how to do a wanker sign with her paw “Just pulled right out in front of us...they think they own the pavement!"

Which is why I always teach my dogs the walk behind me command....very useful in a tight spot that one, especially when Im the one with two dogs