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Kato Walk and The Evolution of Anoraks

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Kato trotting along beside me was carrying a stick. Kato doesn’t really do sticks, she’s ripped the odd one up and will bury one only so it’s *her* stick and no one elses. Possession of the stick is all tenths of dog law.

It was a giant size dental dog chew, completely intact with no teeth marks on. I looked around; there were no other dogs in sight. I pocketed it. Kato immediately frisked me pulling poo bags/tissues/keys out of my pockets and searching my hands.

“It’s in my anorak” I reassured her

“I think you’ll find it’s called a weatherproof jacket” said paw on the pulse of fashion Kato

This is true; I tried to buy a new anorak recently and got lost in the modern terminology of outer wear. Storm flex, polar tech, omni tech, breathable, soft shell, hydro proof, rain proof, shower proof, wind resistant, tri climate and all of the above in 3-in1, lite and extreme version. I didn’t dare go in a real shop in case I was questioned and turned into Peter Kay “It’s for that fine rain that gets you wet through” I was so bewildered I gave up trying to understand them and just bought something on-line that was less than 30 quid, black and looked like an anorak. Seems people (and one dog) are being anoraks about anoraks.

“Get your snooter out of my pocket” I commanded as we trotted along Kato  now doing a perfect heel as she had her nose in my pocket

“Can I have my stick back?”

“I think you’ll find it’s called a Canine Dental Hygiene Treatment” I said

The 'Treat' in Treatment
I think you will find it was spat out by a .....'hang on this isn't a doggie chew treat this is medicine' type dog......not one of ours they were too thick...all I had to say was ooohhh a sweetie and they would swallow worm tablets anything really.....