kato age two

Shrill Critters

In the vets waiting room there were many Small Yappy Type Dogs – a shrill of SYTDs. Yorkshire terriers, various poodle combo’s (cavapoo, pinipoo, noisypoo), a mini bulldog, 2 gobby pugs and a shihtzu. The pugs looked like a pair of glove puppets lungeing and spitting at passers-by. Worst children’s party entertainers ever.

Amused myself pondering the possible names for a bulldog mixed with a shihtzu.

A pink throne arrived containing a pampered SYTD. A pomopoo who looked a bit like one of those fatballs that you hang out for the wild birds. No offence SYTD owners but they have got legs for a reason.

There were 2.5 Rottweilers. The German Shepherd half of Kato had disappeared under the seats. Teenage rotty was in a sit-stay, but just like Kato at that age, only his rear end was managing the stay bit. The other rotty was a big soft well behaved fellow – and apparently the first ever rotty assistance dog in Europe. His owner listed all the things that his beloved dog could do.

“Oh” I cooed impressed and looked at Kato

“Like anyone ever phones you!” snarked Kato from under the seat

Usually Kato would find being surrounded by Shrill Critters a bit much and we would wait outside, but because the other two rottys were indifferent she seemed to relax. Assistance rotty had fallen asleep on the scales (45kg) Teenage rotty was gently chewing his owner’s leg, leaving one of those drool pools that you’re never sure if saying “it was the dog” can be interpreted worse than people thinking you’ve wet yourself.

The waiting room divided into two camps. SYTD side were discussing groomers, claw varnish, heated rollers and then we heard “Ferocious guard dog”. Our eyes fell on a SYTD in a polka dot pinafore with matching bow. Assistance Dog opened one eye and gave a snort which sounded like a suppressed guffaw.

All three rottys simultaneously did the eyes closed, chin flat to floor position, trying very hard not to laugh.

A new SYTD (randompoo) arrived carried in a sheepskin lined Burberry tartan papoose that matched his owner’s coat. Although to be fair, I often match Kato’s coat without even trying. Teenage rotty openly stared at the new arrival and made a noise that sounded like “dafuq”

Assistance dog gave a louder snort, followed by a cough. The Rotty owners exchanged amused knowing looks and then couldn’t look at each other. The seats were now wobbling as the three big dogs tried to suppress their sniggers.

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There were only two other dogs in the waiting room the last time we went, two different owners, both rescues a black lab and a schnauzer (I think) Black lab was theoretically afraid of other dogs but Thorn was hiding (behind me not under the chairs, progress!) and the schnauzer had impeccable manners. So good that the lab ended up deciding to say hello to the schnauzer :)
Barnum (RIP) was banned from the vets waiting room after 'High 5 ing' the vet, smashing him in the face and breaking his glasses....we had to wait in the car after that
Re: Vets
That Abe (RIP) rifled through someone's handbag in the waiting room and produced a Chocolate Orange which then had to be wrestled off her.

Though in retrospect, I blame the handbag owner.