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@Frodi - dog messages

Frodi is a prolific tweeter but very secretive about his blog. I imagine he sits beside the pond quill in paw writing scholarly opinions on scrolls of parchment with the occasional lapse into CAPSLOCK RAGE when he’s had a drink and then claims to have been hacked.

“I fear Katrina may have hacked ones blog, as DEATH 2 POSTMAN SCUM is not one’s usual style”

Frodi always replies to Kato’s tweets. Trotting around the garden waiting for Kato to tweet. She’s barely pressed send and he’s there. He’s either correcting grammar or adding lol to every single thing she “tweets”.

Love how biscuit thieving collie thinks hes cute #UnwantedHouseguest

*He’s* #StayingPut

Apostrophe u in a min u sheep bothering nutless bellend #ClaimSelfDefence

Lol! #HaveToCatchMeFirst