kato smile

Why The Long Faces?

Kato didn’t receive the memo about having mast cell cancer. She is aware of an interesting raw furless patch on her leg. The stitches and staples are all out due to playing rather than fiddling. Kato is currently very playful.

With this tumour removed Kato is not suffering an overload of histamine. Any leftover histamine is being dealt with by tablets with added bonus of getting a good nights sleep. I have spent the last 2/3 years sat on the doorstep at 4am because one dog or other unable to settle.

We know the cancer is still there and will come back. Mostly though we can do happy.

I really should finish all those half written LJ entries about Kato if only for myself later.

Bah. This Sunday (22nd) hippy's brother is meant to be definitely meeting us there.

We are going on 29 March also as swapping weekends with my brother (he'll go for all of Easter)