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The Day After Diagnosis

The vet wouldn't be drawn on any timescales for the progression of Kato's illness. He mentioned one of his patients had lived for a year after diagnosis and another where the deterioration accelerated rapidly over a couple of weeks. We do wonder, or is it hope, she will do "an Abe" and spend the next couple of years playing knock & run on the Pearly Gate.

All our other dogs have been over 16 when they left us and spent a good 2/3 years indulging in eccentric elderliness. Kato still feels like a puppy. Today she has refused to wear the cone-of-shame or the inflatable version, removing it in seconds and then throwng it down the stairs. Frodi spent the morning barking at the glazier man. He's had a furtive inspection of Kato's stitches but I doubt he's brave enough to get too close to them. And Kato did wake up, smack him in the snooter (he likes it - don't write in!) and turn on her side.

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Uff, I am so sorry. I may be wrong, but I think that the tumour on Merry's leg was a mast cell one, but of course it was removed along with his leg so rather different.

When are you next in Chester?
hippy thinks Merrys tumour was mast cell as well. Vet said he couldn't really get deeper and it's likely given her other symptoms that there's others somewhere within.

We're in Chester tomorrow. And pretty much fortnightly from that.

Today aside from splitting one of her staples & stitches has been a good day. She was ecstatic to see Wallace and then bereft when he took Frodi out. So we took her for a drive and a poo in Tettanhall park.
Sorry to read about Kato. I'm sure you will make her remaining time, however long it is, happy.

Fly xx