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Kato - vets - bad news

Kato’s biopsy came back as mast cell cancer. This explains her on / off symptoms the last few months. Aside from the huge row of stitches and staples down her back right flank she is well in herself, cheerful and active. She is ten and for the breeds she is constructed of this is considered elderly. The vet went through the option of scans, being re-opened up and possibly chemo. We will manage her symptoms as they arise, itching, upset tummy, pain etc but we won’t be subjecting her to a miserable invasive fight she can’t win.  

As for when Kato will leave us, who knows. Whenever it is, it will feel too soon and just so fucking unfair.

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Have been trying to type something for the last half an hour and don't know what to say. So terribly sorry. Hope it's okay if I come to see her soon.
Thanks. Would be great to see you anyway. Just text, we never venture far except fortnightly visits to Mother.

I'm sorry. I hope she gets lot of enjoyment and cuddles from her last days. Losing a pet is heartbreaking.
I hope the time you have left continues to be as good as the time you've already had.
thanks - today we had a drive, a very short walk and she did a huge "lets see you bag this human" poo in the park