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Kato Vets - Anxiety

Have got happier tails half typed of Kato and Frodi Adventures but today is an anxious day.

Recently Kato has been having some health problems and a few weeks ago showed us a flaw on her leg. It is a nasty looking sore (she had meddled) – after a course of steroids, it disappeared briefly. The sore re-appeared and Kato is, as I type, down the vets having it removed.

With her other vague symptoms (off & on upset tummy, itching sore, discomfort) there is a more sinister feeling around Kato’s flaw. We expected her to be anxious at being left but she cheerfully walked off with the young man vet to the kennel area, even though he had just stabbed her in the leg, perhaps hopeful of rectifying the no-breakfast situation.

So I’m sat here with Boy Dog and the minutes are just dragging. Usually Monday morning things take me hours but I've already finished them.

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Kato is home and feeling/looking quite poorly. Has got a long line of stitches on back right. She's had some scrambled egg. We'll get the results from sinister test back in about a week.

Poor Thorn, glad to read that Metacam works. Java needed a shoulder and hip rub to get going on some mornings when she was very stiff.
Give her a gentle ruffle from me. Fingers crossed the results come up all clear.