kato age two


Kato sniffs along the walls, fences and lampposts “reading” messages though she rarely replies. She keeps her longer streams of opinions for the field, or blog as I think of it. Kato has to bend to “read” the tweets, scrolling her nose up and down the messages. This looks ridiculous, bum in the air bending down to scan the messages. No more ridiculous than humans narrowly missing lampposts as they scroll through 10 amazing Eccles Cake facts. Sometimes the site crashes and randomly deletes things #rain

We hadn’t been on her #regular-walk for awhile so Kato had a lot to read back. We slowly made our way to the field as Kato scanned, scrolled, followed links and even re-tweeted a few things. We arrived at her field but she wanted to turn back.

Obviously Kato was wishing she had favourited something or decided that she did need to know what she wouldn’t believe happened next to 10 hamsters who live with celebrity cats. Maybe she would finally un-friend that poodle who tweets dubious political views. Kato filters him but his anti-mixed breed attitudes still get through. Kato is worried that she’ll be tagged in one of his posts and other dogs think she shares his opinion. Sometimes she’s sniffs and looks indignant, I imagine it’s some over privileged pedigree post about how rescue dogs bring it on themselves and are too idle to get proper owners. Kato will squat to add a snarky message back then worry that her snarky message gets misinterpreted as agreement. I then get dragged back while she re-sniffs and curses the lack of an edit function.

Sometimes there are sinister messages left in our garden or Kato’s own messages seem to have been hacked. #foxtroll