kato age two

Discordant Chorus of Disgruntled Clucks

We pass a garden of chickens backing onto Kato regular walk. Not a handful of hobby hens but a full-on throng of clucks, at least 80 according to Dave-the-Shop.

Kato sat down to consider a new situation – outside the garden was a cage made of pallets and chicken wire. Packed full of hens with a hopeful cat sat on top watching them.

“Command your human to get this latch open” mewed the cat

“I can do latches” said Mensa Dog Kato and head butted the crate of chickens.

Chickens gave a discordant chorus of disgruntled clucks which startled Kato and the cat scarpered. I tugged the lead in case we were yet again mistaken for chicken rustlers. This created a bungee effect as Kato was preparing a second attempt to shoulder the cage open. I got hit by 35kg of rained on muddy dog. Kato shook herself splattering me and the box of chickens in mud.
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