kato age two

Kato Leg / Lady Bits

Kato has a sore on her back right. It’s been there awhile and she often meddles with it. It doesn’t have the sinister passive aggressive tumour look of Frodi’s lumps but it wasn’t healing up.

Kato shivered in the vets, visibly quaking and trembling. She managed to back herself under the seats which made the seats wobble. Vet is unsure what it is, she’s on steroids for a week to kick start the healing and stop it itching. If it heals up - great. If it doesn’t...surgery.

One of the side effects is thirst, combined with her piddly pants problem this led to a very wet dog/bed this morning. But we’ve decided to manage the house and not the dog. Any increase in her piddly pants pills seems to make her unhappy and uncomfortable with all the signs of abdominal discomfort, pressing her tummy to the cold tiles in the hall and craving to eat grass. We’ve bought incontinence bed protectors for her favoured sitting areas which has led us foolishly, oh it seemed so funny at the time, to use the command “put Mary on the pink”.  I had friends who used the command piddlediddle for their dogs, it worked, it stuck and they found themselves on holiday whispering to their dogs to piddlediddle.

Under her bed there is a huge rubber backed mat which can just be steam cleaned or blasted with the hosepipe outside. Kato’s Mary is washed with a very strange looking tasselled sponge that sheff_dogs bought us for the car windscreen. It is ideal for washing the dogs Mary and I really think they missed a marketing target.

The patient is in fine form today. We had an unexpected walk (the best kind) to post my Mum some teabags as she's running out and the cleaner/errand runner has a flu type thing.