frodi action dog


Frodi’s lumps were non-cancerous. He didn’t bite the vet or me on any of his check-ups . We still use a muzzle for very intimate rummaging. His obsession with squeaky toys was useful.I squeaked the toy at the nose end while vet got his stitches out. Frodi even sat politely in the waiting room talking to some cats and a rabbit. Dogs don’t seem to mind cats in containers. Seems it’s free range cats that arouse their hunting instinct.

I think we will always consider Frodi as being on the wrong side of the unpredictable scale. But this year he coped better with fireworks, just made himself into a very small ball and rolled under a bed, reminding me of Morph from Vision On.
His other fear reaction is to tuck his legs right under his body and point towards a corner with his chin & nose pressed flat to the floor.

He is still absolutely hopeless on a lead and even though there isn’t much of him (17kg) he is exhausting to walk.

Excellent news from the vet - really pleased to hear it.