Frodi Heart Kato

“I’ve been residing here for quite some time now Katrina” said Frodi “And I know sometimes things haven’t always been easy between us, what with your pathological bowl possessiveness, my problem barking, the stick fatwa - but... I think overall we get along OK and I was wondering if you would do me the honour of taking my paw in marriage?”

“Yeah OK” said Kato not looking up from her squeakless squeaky toy "Marriage, no probs"                                                             

“Oh! Well that’s splendid. So, which basket we should we move in to?” said Frodi “Is it too soon to change our face-book status?”

“Yeah, whatevs, just one thing...can I take your stitches out?”


“Yeah, you look proper Frankendog, loads of them...on that bald patch on your back, and a big long squiggly line down your leg”

“I hadn’t noticed, can’t see past this divine halo I’ve acquired, made of plastic and not translucent holy radiance but we are in a recession... human says it makes me look like the Pope”

“I thought more Noo Noo from teletubbies but anyway, brace yourself...” said Kato sniffing a stitch

“Ooh that tickles Katrina, are you about to whisper sweet nothings in my ...OUCH”

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