kato age two

Kato Walk

We were ambling along quite slowly with Kato doing her impression of a serious professional sniffer dog. Suddenly she flipped over with a heavy thud and did a scratchy back roll. Kato’s not small and being upside down waving her legs in the air makes her look ridiculous. I assumed fox poo or dead bird....She was rolling on........a very large but completely flattened hedgehog.


Yes, I think he must have been run over and brought onto the field by some other animal. Looked like it had been a very big hedgehog. An odd sight, as he was also very clean due to the rain. I assume the gorey aftermath from his accident left on a road somewhere.

There's something very undignified about a clumsy half-Rottweiler doing an upside back rub even without added hedgehog.