kato age two

ChilliCity and Funky Chickens

hatty human still sounds like a blocked drain. Short of tipping her upside down to shake out the contents there isn't much we doglets can do. Other than keep her entertained with our cute antics and playful wet nosed affection. Though she's only responding with "gerroffyer fat triangle shaped puppy"

New Years Eve party happened, the rumours of its license being revoked were just rumours. Its was barking cold tho, music not particularly uplifting or banging. Theres something about the word funky, wherever its used as a prefix, except possibly to the word chicken - it seems to mean pedestrian, boring, or twiddly twee.

How would you like your house? Deep, funky or vocal?

Last hour was reasonable techno then home via two house parties, which involved S missing the arm of a sofa in spectacular fashion. Now thats entertainment :-)