frodi action dog


Frodi has had a warty thingy on his Right side for  a long time but over the last month it suddenly started increasing rapidly in size. Vet advised removing it due to the increased size and speed it's growing. It might be something, it might be nothing. Frodi can get his teeth scaled at the same time. Frodi's gnashers were in poor condition when he arrived, cleaned up a lot with having a daily carrot and crunchier food. He weighed in at 16.5kg which seems a little low. He was so good in the vets, he put his muzzle on without a flicker and only showed his teeth briefly when the vet meddled with him. So 27th of Oct is Operation Frodi day.

Kato is still having intermittent problems with her waterworks. Discovered that the Metcam was upsetting her stomach so she now has Pardale for her shoulder pain. She's still on the INCREASED ATTRACTIVENESS tablets. This is very confusing for Frodi who has no clue why he wants to give Kato his best sticks and lie hopefuly beside her basket, chin on paw gazing at her. Kato just treads on him when she decides to move.