kato age two


There are so many things missing from our lives, That Abe, Java, our eccentric neighbour Bill and Fox. Fox pretty much lived in neighbour’s garden but pottered over to leave a taunt-of-poo for our dogs to roll in. A little message from Fox to Dog, “I see you, yeah you, you with your collars and baskets”. Fox sometimes took dog toys over to Bill’s yard and set the security lights off so he could sneer at the toys in full gaudy plastic squeaking-hamburger detail. Bill used to leave food out for the Fox and watch him tuck in.

I wonder if Fox ever rolled in the doglets poo – if you see a carrot flecked Fox, he’s ours.

Next-door has been sold and converted into 2 dwellings. The garden has been decimated and new owner says he’s going to build a bungalow on it. Fox has disappeared. Also, we’ve not seen any of the many cats who visited exactly 0.2cm out of paws reach. There would be the odd obligatory chase, dogs would bark to give the official 15 second warning. No one got hurt. Balance.

The combination of Fox and cats obviously had an effect on the eco-system of our garden and now they are gone......Goodbye old friends and hello Rat.


Frodi and Kato were completely enthralled useless.

“Aww, look at the little guy. Look at his little hands” squeed Kato lying down, chin to floor to observe Rat sat in plant pot munching on a tomato.

“I say Katrina” (which is what Frodi calls Kato) “Human is rather noisy, one would even say hysterical”

“For fux sake hopeless dog bast do something, fuggin ginormous rat, chase it away, do the barking thing”

“No can do” remarked Frodi “I appear to have misplaced my bugle and left my hunting britches in Bridgnorth”

Rat has become more emboldened due to the uselessness of the canine security and has progressed to sitting in a garden chair eating a sandwich and texting his mates.

So...cats....how do those work then?

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Well that settles it, Jake ratter supreme will just have to come for a visit. Just don't tell him that GSD's aren't ratters! I don't think he's actually caught one, but he is very good at detecting and pointing them out then helping in the hunt. Although that was inside and I'm not sure he'd do anything to an outside rat. We do have them outside and I haven't seen him going for one, but I don't usually see what he is barking at so who knows? He may be single handedly keeping the house rat free by warning them all to f^ck off?
Ah, I just quoted this to hippy, who looked a bit sheepish and admitted that this is indeed true. He was quite excited about the possibility of cat (s)
Cats are all manner of lovely though, and if you do get a good hunter they will decimate the local population of whatever they decide their favoured prey are. This is good if they choose rats, and less good if they choose little baby birds.

There is nothing more soothing for me than having a purring cat sitting on me that I can fuss.
I was hoping cats wouldn't actually catch anything but would act as some sort of peacekeeping force. Negotiating some sort of truce with RAT - he gets the church yard, the church bins and we get our garden back.

And then there's the dog relationship to be worked out, Kato would be fine, once cat(s) had been admitted to her friends list. Frodi - not so sure, we've not seen him in close enough proximity to enough cats.

Bah - RAT is a problem though, he looks like a family man. Reluctant to use bait, and if we trap them - what do we do with them.