Love is the Drug

Kato has been having a few health issues, a torn shoulder, an upset stomach (that might have been the uncooked pigeon take-away that Frodi brought in), two urine infections and most recently she has become incontinent during her sleep. Having just re-carpeted post poorly Abe & Java, this is mildly disappointing.

The vet has prescribed something hormonal for the pretty Sweetness to see if that helps with the sleeping wee problem.The side effects may include swollen lady bit and teats, and INCREASED ATTRACTIVENESS!!

Frodi trotted past Kato on his way to the garden and then stopped. He turned and looked at her, as if he was seeing her for the first time.

“You’ve done something different with your fur” he said unable to take his eyes off her “You look...lovely”

“Don’t be daft” she snapped (literally) “I’m totally between coats, I look terrible”

“And your scent” he said “Is it new, fox poo?”

“Noo, just some cheap old pigeon poo I found in the garden” she said

Unable to resist he buried his nose deep in her back fur and sniffed. This usually would get him decked, throttled and given a slap (don’t write in, he likes it) but she just stepped away and did an all-over shake.

“If you’re not doing anything after dinner” he said shyly, studying an imaginary sticky bob stuck to his paw “We could go up the pond and do some pointless barking”

“I’m on basket rest...that and you’re a dickhead” Kato said dismissively and minced off to her basket.

“Maybe some other time” he said watching until she disappeared out of sight admiring the fine arc of her plume tail that he just hadn’t noticed before.

To be continued.......
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She does have a very beautiful tail.

I can't remember what the vet put Penny on when she suddenly became incontinent, but it was efective. I was very grateful as she had decided the only place to sleep was next to me on the bed ...