kato age two

Caught between a cat and a chicken

Today on Kato walk there was a full size chicken just stood looking at us. We looked at it, the hen looked back. Kato sat down to go carefully through the Object Identification card file index in her head. Unable to identify what this object might be Kato decided it was a nothing and we should carry on. And then a flash of inspiration, Kato suddenly dug her paws in, turned 180 degrees as she had obviously arrived at “Food Item” for the unidentified feathered object.

That’s when we spotted the cat. The cat was not much bigger than the chicken, and gave Kato a look that said “What do you think, reckon I can take it?”

This communication confused Kato as cats generally treat her with disdain and certainly never ask for her opinion. Kato sat down, caught between a cat and a chicken, utterly flummoxed by this surreal situation. An object that was coming up as Possible Food and another object coming up as “Not food but chase anyway”

The trouble with chasing cats when you’re a pacifist jessy of a dog, is instinct tells you to do it, but the cats side of the deal is that they set off first. This avoids any potential embarrassment as dog never catches up with cat because what then?

This cat wasn’t moving. Kato made a half hearted gesture of beginning the chase but the cat just looked as if to say “shush”. Kato sat back down to consider this. Deciding that cat had just missed the starting gun Kato made another feeble lunge attempt to start the chase. Cat no move. Kato fidgeted to indicate to cat that dog/cat protocol was being seriously broken. Cat gave Kato a filthy look and adopted a dignified stealthy hunting position. Kato also adopted a more clumsy slump of a  hunting position. Being undecided which was her prey she faced away from both towards a fence. This was now a stalemate and I wondered if I should chase one of the prey and Kato do the other. But what if I caught the chicken – what then?

What if we ended up with cat and chicken, how would we ever get home?  Fox, hen and sack of grain is child's play compared to this.

I decided that we should both chase the cat, told Kato to walk and we walked directly towards cat. I stared at the cat. Kato stared at anything but cat. Cat still didn’t move, just looked a bit inconvenienced, peering around us at the chicken. We stopped again about 8 feet away from cat.  Kato grumbled about the number of cat/dog laws of nature and science that were being flouted here.

The impasse was broken by a woman appearing out of a house who looked like she might have lost a chicken. The woman gave me a dirty look as she headed towards the chicken. I was going to point out my dog being on a lead was no threat to her precious chicken, be more worried about this cat. But there was no cat. Cat had vanished. What the woman saw was me and Kato staring thoughtfully at her chicken.

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Well at least you are not greeted on opening the back door to a pointer with a very angry sucked and slobber soaked cat in his mouth....(no cat was harmed just heavily insulted)