kato age two

Kato's Friends List

Kato has always run a very tight limited friends list with space for about 10 people. In order to have a new friend listed someone has to go. Usually my brother as she doesn’t see him very often. Kato adores her ten friends and will greet them with physical joyous loving exuberance which sadly is very difficult to tell apart from being attacked by an angry Rottweiler.

The other interaction lists in Kato brain are named “Whatever” which is pretty much the rest of the world and “Code Red”. Sometimes a new person will come onto her close radar and there is a long recess while Kato brain slowly and carefully compares the new person to her Friends List. Eventually she arrives at – no, don’t know you, and then Kato brain slowly decides which of her other Lists to allocate the person to. I’ve never worked out her formula for this decision.

I go to the post box with Kato at least twice a week and always read the un-changing times of collection placard. One day there will be a message for me “the black & orange dog lies down in the autumn sun”. Kato has been for months indifferent to the post box but yesterday she greeted the tall red thing like an old friend. She wagged her Las Vegas plume of a tail, happy little barks, bouncing and pushing between my knees to inhale deeply the smell of friend.

“Looks a bit like you” I remarked to Kato as I pushed an envelope in its gaping mouth

Another person approached with a letter and the possessive Kato glared, and let one sun ray reflect off her best canine tooth. The person waited until we moved on with Kato continually staring back over her shoulder at this interloper on her silent and still red friend.

So Kato’s friends list is now 9 humans and one pillar box.