kato age two

Kato Walk

Kato has learnt that if I am stuffing my pockets or bag with carrier bags/ little bin bags this on the balance of probability means a walk. Kato waits angelically beside her lead until I put my hand on her harness and she just can't resist affectionately rugby tackling me in excitement.  Once I’ve picked myself up off the floor and checked the right one of us is wearing the harness we set off. Firstly to the green bit nearby for a poo. There’s nothing Kato likes more than having a poo somewhere that isn’t our garden. I envy her relishing such simple pleasures.

Today she made me laugh, I decided to clear our drive of nettles & weeds. So I unravelled one of those extra strong rubble sacks to collect up the bottles / cans / litter that get thrown over our gate. Kato gave the rubble sack an odd look that seemed to say “Bit of a challenge but a walks a walk” and sat expectantly by her lead.

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