kato age two

Dreams of Java

When stressed or grieving I dream quite vividly. I’ve had episodes of sleep walking since childhood but haven’t “walked” for a few years now.

The dreams of Java are surreal and I can’t decide if sinister or not.

I am in a supermarket (1) and I have a metal shopping basket. Java is in it, curled up, completely still, dead but not dead. She is warm but stiff. The basket is heavy so I keep putting it down on the floor and putting groceries next to her still body. Sometimes I slide the basket with my foot. I wonder how I am going to get Java through the check-out, will there be a bar code, to my horror I realise I don’t know where her bar code is or even if there is one. I have yet to reach the till, I wake up.

  1. I think it’s Wolverhampton Waitrose vegetable aisle

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I really feel for you.... we lost Barnum on Friday and I dont think I have slept a wink....Im like the walking dead, and for some reason I have an ovewhelming urge to move house....:(
Java would be found in a really good supermarket, no downmarket rubbish for her. It's hard grieving :-(