kato age two

So peaceful, so Java.

Java left as she arrived and remained (1) throughout her life, peacefully and without much fuss.  I knew it was time when nothing could give her comfort and her eyes apologised for all this attention she needed. She couldn't sleep or settle. We will miss her but grateful for the 15 years of being blessed with her company.

(1) Aside from the feud with That Abe which was the one blot on Java's otherwise gleaming copybook.

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15 years? Wow, it doesn't seem so long...

All the usual sympathies of course. :(
Awww, one of the best dogs there has been is gone.
I was extremely fond of Java.
Much love.
Really sorry to read about Java and also of Abe :( They were lovely dogs. I'm not on here much so just catching up. x