Missing Abe & Feeling Cross

I was going to write more about That Abe when there was enough distance between her passing and working through the anger I hold towards previous vet. New and current vet made Abe's last months considerably more comfortable. There is this guilt that we should have changed sooner. Maybe her life might have been shorter but more content . Hippy had been using previous vet for over 20 years so it wasn't an easy decision. There was no one thing that made us unsettled but a slow build-up of mistakes and attitude. Abe had tests, scans and endless mediation regimes, saw vet after vet. New vet diagnosed her with something very simple and easily treated. But years had passed of living with an untreated condition.

The final straw was being told "well, if you're not going to listen (aka buy) my advice, there is nothing I can do for you". This was the response to our explaining politely we don't believe in alternative therapy. So no we don't want a dap diffuser, a milk based pill with no clinical evidence or any other  hocus-pocus homeopathy. Java had a sore on her back right and the advice was to have a scan & amputation. We refused as it seemed such a leap from curious looking sore patch to losing her whole leg. That was over 6 months ago, Java still has four legs and no sore. New vet said if it wasn't bothering her, he didn't see the point in meddling. He said it looked like the sores that elderly greyhounds sometimes get, which can be removed under a local with the mildest of dirty looks from the dog. 

It's the first Christmas without putting a Santa hat on That Abe and buying her a comedy toy to be photographed with. Still expect to see her squashing herself in the basket beside Kato.

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Lots of hugs, you did what seemed right at the time and you did change before it was too late.
It's really difficult I think with vets, and anyone who cares for people we love to know when the balance of familiarity and past good experience vs discomfort is tipped too far. I'm glad New Vet was better, please try not to be too hard on yourself about the Old one, hindsight is always 20/20.
I wont be going back to our Vet (a very large practice in Solihull) after how they treated our poor ancient cat, the only health and welfare they were interested in was that of our bank account she suffered a long and drawn out death while they tried to run up just one last bill, it was last May and as you can tell Im still livid.....