hatty human has a stinking cold and mood to match - demanded that we all "OFF" the main pack sofa. Hrmph! - just wait till she wants her feet warmed. Piles of sniffle sodden tissue everywhere - bit of a design fault in humans - we doglets have tongues long enough to tidy our own noses. Sniffle sodden tissues - v.tasty.

"Doh, mucky dogs, dote chew dose!"

Well, don't throw them on the barkin floor then, you untidy ming!

Yesterday, humans watched 24 Hour Party People, and were quite enthralled in nostalgic way until Tony Wilson tried to claim responsibility for rave, dance and e-culture with the Happy Mondays. That level of chemically fuelled disregard & contempt, total non-plur is nowt to do with the true spirit of rave according to our humans. Woofin hippies.

For Chrimbo, we also got a Novelty Dog Biscuit making kit - but humans unsure which doglet allowed in kitchen with a pinny on and flour. Biscuit cutters include a bone shape, cat shape and a penis shape! Though apparently the penis shape is meant to be a water hydrant (its an american kit)........errrr.......why would anyone want toilet shaped biscuits?
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