kato age two

Zombie Dog

“So” said hippy” “Is That Abe undead?”

The vet pondered this as an alternative diagnosis to the current diagnosis of “Flumoxxed”.

Abe is a tiny skeleton of less than 10kg now, but she just keeps going. She’s now on Tramadol painkillers and has pro-biotic powder on her puppy food (it’s higher in protein) which seems to have sorted out the frequent express-delivery gloopy green poo issue. Mentally, although she is puddled (or making puddles) she seems content in her world.

Every morning Abe plays dead and scares the life out of hippy. Dogs and hippy gather round Abe's basket...is it....has she... He gives her a few nervous prods and she suddenly flies out of the basket as if her tail is on fire.
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Poor Abe - she's a game little bugger! Hope she keeps on going even longer!