Happiness is a Warm Dog

Lindsay didn't quite cope with her Big Presant new bed at first and slept beside it. Giving it evil looks for taking up her usual sleep place - but the Old Doodess has now worked it out. Like Duh! Today all doglets had a go on the Soft Oblong - and with the duvet its FanBarkinTastic. Humans said "Aww - look - cutebaby snuggling doggles", but by the time they had run for the camera we had all, naturally, moved to less cutesy positions. We have been trying to train them to run for the Biscuit Bucket rather than the camera when we do the Disneytime stuff - but they are like, so slow, to pick up on any training. hippy human will be monging round the house over the festive season whilst hatty is out earning an honest (double time) biscuit. Reckons he's going to be decorating and DIY stuff, but having seen his consumermass gift - we doubt he'll venture off the sofa. Humans have tickets for NYE - some wierdy technoey thing at the Skate Park - which will, according to flyer, include actual skating, bmxing, not activities that we feel our humans are designed for. DJ X(PCM) is on the bill who they liked at the Capsule Electronic Arts Festival thingy back in July. Hopefully warmer than last years party at Skate Park - humans were like blocks of ice when they got home.
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