kato age two

That Abe

Seems to be descending into a world of bewilderment and dementia.

She is having mishaps with wee, doesn’t answer when we call and looks vague, vacant and as if she has no idea of where she is, or even who she is. I held out a treat for her and she just didn’t seem able to work out what was required. I can see it in her eyes that she is losing her sense of the world – there is some deafness, she could probably do with spectacles but there’s something very sad about her at the moment. She paces and searches – but even when shown everything it could be – the waterbowl, the back door, a bed, Kato to wash her face, a toy,  – still there’s something missing for her.

None of it matters – we can replace carpet, we can walk to get her, we can remind her who she is., and which is the biscuit and which is our fingers.  The hardest part is this.....

One of the ways in which we cope with Abe & Java hating each other, is each dog taking it in turns to be on a “rest period” in a bedroom or the lounge. This didn’t bother either of them and they seemed to quite like it being their turn not to be with the raucous hooligan behaviour of Kato and Frody. And of course Java is away most weekends doing Wallace and Gromit things. But this time out is now almost unbearable for Abe who scratches, whines and grumbles the whole time, but as soon as she is out & about, she doesn’t want to be with us.

Oh this is hitting home for me so much I had to have my beloved Osca put to sleep due to him loosing his marbles.... he used to dive out of his bed and bite (with increasing ferocity, drawing blood many times) anyone passing and then seem to 'come round' and would be so distressed ... it was terrible.... I had to make the most dreadful of choices to put his quality of life over my own pain....