Fingers Frody

To call Frody a thief sounds negative and belies the sweet snootered curious little fella that he is. If he were a character in a role playing game he would certainly be a stealthy rogue or a light pawed thief.

Sometimes I just vaguely become aware that my mouse mat is very slowly sliding off the desk. I put on one sock, reach for the second and it has gone. Thankfully, he is not destructive with anything other than his own toys.

And sometimes it does go wrong, and the hat he is slowly removing from the table brings with it some cutlery and placemats.

This is absolutely – him.

Hehehe! Presley has been known to cause the occasional sandwich to vanish, but generally he sticks to things that have been dropped. Our ancient cat is the sneaky thief, a little white paw appears and *flicks* biros/peas/chocolate wrappers off the table before you notice what's happening..