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Dog Mental Health - Penny Syndrome

Sheffdogs (1) aren’t going to like this


Hippy and I were discussing the mental health of the four doglets and trying to work out who is the maddest. We settled on Abe (more of Abe's meltdown in a later post) to which hippy said “Eccentric yes, but not like a Penny”  (Penny being the mad as a bag of spanners half of Sheffdogs. If Penny were human she would be an old lady wearing too many hats, with a bag full of cat food and no cat, shouting at the traffic).

“Oh god no” I replied “Miles off being a Penny”

 We then had a long completely straight faced discussion about the criteria for being A Penny – and at what point does eccentricity develop into absolute diagnosable Pennyness. Is Pennyness by proxy when one’s owner attributes perceived madness to the dogs perfectly reasonable behaviour. For example Froodle having a fight with his bed whenever a human returns home may in his mind be normal, whereas the Humans remark “Oooh – he’s gone a bit Penny” or "Don't start Pennying"

It occurs to us that our bench mark for canine insanity now has its own name. Usually syndromes, maladys, comets, manoervres, and the like are named after the boffin who discovers them – therefore Penny is both nutter and genius.

(1)    (shouldn’t it be Stockportdogs now...though doesn’t have the same ring to it – sounds like the name of some posh sausages made by one of those celebrity chef bastards)

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A Penny makes a lot of sense to me, but then I have just been portioning out the goodies I got from the butcher into freezer bags. A lot less painful than it would of been when I couldn't lock said Penny behind the dog gate, but never the less I have a headache.Though to tell the truth she hasn't shut up for long since I got in at about five.

And yeh Stock_dogs doesn't work for me ... images of dogs rounding up the errant cattle on some Australian range ...