kato age two

That Abe – 16.2 kg (was previously 16.9)

Has gone a bit thin – very thin – supermodel skinny but her appetite remains immense. It could be the stress of the Froodle moving in. As Froodle struggles to make sense of his new world – he does see the two pensioner dogs A & J as something to be chased and barked at. His communication systems are all messed up – he’s not being nasty, or aggressive, or there would have been a serious scrap by now,  but he is muddled, overwhelmed and bewildered.  Java’s tactic is to completely blank him but That Abe is feisty and will bark back at him. (more on Froodle in a later post)

The vet can’t find anything wrong – but Abe looks & feels so scraggy, tatty and ribby – not the imba lithe fitness of Java (24kg), the light pawed stealth of Froodle (22kg), or the muscular frame of Kato (37kg) – this feels skinny and poorly.

We can’t feed That ABE anymore food – she’s on well over the maximum for her build. We can’t cut down on her exercise – stopping her joining in the playing feels wrong.  She’s not wormy or feeding fleas.  

So we’re keeping an eye on That Abe for another couple of weeks  and if she loses any more weight – it’s blood tests and stuff.

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Poor little Abe. Hope it's something fixable. Friend's a strapping lad again now he's on his hyperthyroid tablets.
Oh Abe stop fretting and put on some weight darling. Peny will come and sympathise next week, Thorn will be good and distract that Froddy.
Brest of Lamb..... a few dinners of this very fatty meat normally does the trick when Barnum is looking a bit raw boned.... I feed it raw.... but boiled is good too...