frody and abe

Frody is Dog

We have just realised Frody is a dog. A real one, a proper one. Not in terms of breed or pedigree just species.

Certainly more of a dog than the other 3 (5 if we include Thorn and Penny). It’s as if the regular Canine Feminists have got themselves a pet dog.

Frody has got bags of personality but it’s very dog like. He says very little and follows the others about in a pack like way. He does dog things – like chase sticks (not the begrudged attitude retrieval of La Katolar) he is mesmerised by the squeaking (not the nanoseconds de-squeaking done by the proficient Abester  – don’t you humans know how irritating that squeaking is?) and he can pretty much sleep on any surface (not the cushion scattering and pillow plumping of Javalar) he gets obsessed by flies (not the OMG – is there NO hygiene in this house? criticism from the feminists).

Although he is a vampire I noticed last night – he was playing biting faces with Kato, and as most of his teeth are worn down (possibly from chewing furniture and bricks during his frustrated separation anxiety years) just his two front fangs glinted in comparison to the shark toothed Kato

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