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Annual Firework Rant -

So, I'm at a funny age - where the sensibilitys of adultlife are transmorphing into the free speech of eccentricity. This evening I have been mostly stamping around garden shouting "F**kers and C**ts" at the top of my voice, inbetween trying to coax the dogs out into the warzone for a much needed pee. We watched Mongrels take on 5/11 to cheer ourselves up


I know I have ranted on the journal before about the patheticness of this latest consumer con-trick. But watching three dignified animals cower in total fear makes me really angry and for what? A few loud bangs and some colours. Surely in this digital age there is an app on  god damn I-phones that could mimic it.  I can't even be tolerant of organised displays now, as it's the local Organised Display of Inconsideration that gives us the most problems and we're not exactly close.

(One not so dignified animal, That Abe, appears to take it all in her stride these days, she does bark back at the fireworks but it's not in fear, it's defiant annoyance and sarcasm) Even a good run on Cannock Chase today didn't take Kato and Frody far enough over the exhilarated exhaustion barrier for them to sleep through it.


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You can get Doggles now to protect dogs' eyes. Is there any equivalent for ears?

Also, as people knowledgeable in matters canine, do you have any idea about the sanity / legality of dogs in motorbike trailers?

Awww - what a pretty doglet.

I've just asked him indoors and he thinks if the "freight" is strapped in, it's probably just about legal. But not if it were human.
Well mine are fine these days... the constant playing of the 'Thunderstorm' CD has worked.... they dont bat an eyelid now.... even through the loud air bombs (which should be banned!!!!) I grew up in Ireland where fireworks were banned for years during the troubles...cant say I ever missed them...
Thunderstorm and Fireworks CD was a fail here, no matter how loud we played it, they just slept through it. Might give it another go though.
We were pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was here, not silent, but far better than Sheffield or Oldham. I wish they'd justt ban the noisy ones, someone on DP took her son to a quiet display for kids and she said it was just as beautiful, but with out the bangs so it certainly can be done.

The Thorneycroft is not bothered by fireworks, possibly to make up for all the things that do bother her, and of course the Old Bat can't hear them anymore. Give everyone a love from us.