Goofy versus Pluto

Recently, I have been pondering the inequality of Goofy versus Pluto. Goofy wears clothes, walks on two legs, can talk and has a distinctive personality. Pluto walks on four legs, has no clothes and doesn’t talk. What's that all about Disney eh?

When Frody was first presented to us – he wasn’t even in the Pluto camp, he was small, looked fractious and just like any other skanky mongo you would never be able to pick out of a line-up.
“I don’t like him” I hissed at hippy
“Well, we’re here now” said hippy “We’ll just do this walk and make some excuse”
“We don’t like him” hissed Kato and Java
“Shurrup” said hippy and I “Someone will hear you and talking dogs can get in all sorts of scrapes – look at Scooby Doo”
“A cartoon dog?” said Java sarcastically
“Clever but silent” said Java "And plastacine"
“Brian from Family Guy.....” hippy offered
“Oh yeah, he’s the man” said Kato, then peered at Frody “Unlike him over there, he’s well minging”

But his Hard Luck story melted our hearts – the answer to his problems to us seemed glaringly obvious, he needed company, he needed more than a short burst of hyper- stimulation that left him craving more, he needed more space and less rules. We knew we were the perfect chance for him – but he just didn’t light our fires on that first meeting

After that first walk – we very unenthusiastically said we would give it a go. Dragged the frightened little man through the streets of Bridgnorth and forced him into the car. As he stepped into Canine Feminist Collective HQ – suddenly he became Pluto. Recognisable, a distinctive collie cross muppet with a liking for sticks, but still just-a-dog. Not a Goofy.

Sunday  –  Fridy fell asleep during Top Gear, squashed between me, hippy, Kato and Javalar on the bed “I think he prefers Cash in the Attic” I said to hippy “And he quite likes Escape to the Country”
Frody looked up – muttered something about Clarkson being a knob, and went back to sleep.

So, he’s now a Goofy, he talks, he has likes & dislikes, emotions and interests and he is developing his own personality. Now to work out which football team he supports.......

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There's welsh collie in there:

1) Try putting on pobl-y-cwm, maybe it's a language barrier.
2) He's more likely to follow, Blues, Ospreys, Scarlets or Dragons - if he starts singing "You can stick your f******g chariot up yer arse" during the national anthem, then you'll know.
In my experience they dont care who the team is they just want the ball.... very sensible...